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The ultimate jeans made with carefully selected first-class materials and traditional techniques. That's the STEAM LOCOMOTIVE D62XX.
It is the ultimate jeans that stuck to the detail thoroughly.

[Origin of the brand name]
Atari of the uneven outer seam of vintage denim → commonly known as "tracks" → railway track → SL (locomotive)

It is a watch pocket to stick to the inside of the right front.
It is not abolished as the detail of jeans, and has established the standard style of jeans that continues now and five pocket pants. I use the selbidge part on the inside of this watch pocket.

The fly button is an essential thing for these jeans, which are not shrinkproof. Each button is stamped with The Steam Locomotive, and the material is made of iron and rust floats. The top button part has a diagonal stitch, which is a vintage detail.
Rivets are the most important part of shaping jeans. Because the idea of putting rivets on pants to prevent them from breaking has created a 150-year history of jeans. The rivets of this product are attached to six places around the front pocket, and a total of 10 places are attached to the back side as a hidden rivet, two in each of the back pockets. The rivet sings the stamp of The Steam Locomotive, and the material is also used in the punched copper rivet.

【BELT LOOP】Belt Loop
The belt loop after the part is layered on the center seam and the sewing part, and the waistband part is finished with "Banzai sewing" only by the vintage by winding the sewn cloth in the inside. It is easy to break the sewing needle and sew it repeatedly, and the production efficiency becomes very bad, but it is finished without compromise in this part.

The leather patch is sewn like the vintage, and the mold is pushed by the foil print and has irregularities. The use of deer leather patches shrinks when washed like vintage.

Because I use rayon material (rayon x rayon) for the warp and weft in a red tab of about 2cm in length attached to the upper left side of the right back pocket, I wrap it with washing and turning.

In the back pocket with the hidden rivet, it contains a double stitch of the image that the symbol of Hyogo Prefecture where the stork (the birthplace of The Steam Locomotive) is fluttered.

A selbidge is a "mimi" attached to prevent fraying on both sides when woven with an old-fashioned power loom. It's generally made of white thread (levi's selbidge has a red thread). This is called "Red Mimi". This product is threaded with sage green. This is the original proof of our products at the factory that produces denim. Moreover, why the selfie is attractive, there is no high-speed machine at that time in the 50's, and only one anti-level per day can weave, so there is no computer control, so the finish can be peeled off by all means. And, after wearing it, after washing, it becomes a difference of a big expression and it appears. There is a light irregularity at almost constant intervals to look good at the outer seams of vintage jeans. This is "Atari" in a broad sense. This is called Tracks. This track is also the origin of the name THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE of this product by the railway track.

【COTTON(Cotton Yarn)】
This product uses 100% cotton yarn called cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is not used for current (non-vintage) jeans. It is a mixture of chemical fibers such as cotton and polyester. The yarn of the mixing is strong in the tensile force, and does not cut first of all during sewing. However, because the cotton thread cuts immediately, it takes time and effort to sew. The reason why i use such inferior cotton yarn is that when i wash it repeatedly, I feel more frayed and familiar with denim. Moreover, the cotton thread is discolored neatly with the denim ground though discoloration is not seen so much in the thread of the mixed fiber. Because it is not possible to put out the texture of nature when only the part of this thread seems to be new in the mixed fiber, this product uses cotton yarn purposely.







Size Chart

Hem width18.52020.620.821.421.622.42324
Crotch length9088.489.29190.890.29191.291
Behind you3636.636.436.537.2383840.442
It is an aim of the full size size of jeans after washing.
Please understand that there is an error in shrinkage by the washing method and the season, and there is case that the error occurs by the measuring method, but beforehand.

Shipping Rates

(It's calculated as 1 jeans = 1,500 grams.)

International Percel Post First Zone(Details
2,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second Zone I(Details
Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America
3,200 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second ZoneII(Details
3,700 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Forth Zone(Details
South America and Africa
5,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)

First Zone(Details) East Asia, Guam, Midway Islands, Marshall, Micronesia, etc. Rate schedule Second Zone(Details) Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia Rate schedule Third Zone(Details) Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, and West Indies, and Europe Rate schedule Forth Zone(Details) South America and Africa

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