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GA0510LXX image1 GA0510LXX image2 GA0510LXX image3 GA0510LXX image4 GA0510LXX image5

[16 oz and begin servicing]

Jing using uneven 6-thread thread fifth yarn irregularity, declination, more stiff, rough raw cotton quality has a spinning technique is common sense ( strongly twisted ). There is natural and not represented in yarn irregularity of shape too thick.
Stained in dark on dark can represent 100% of indigo, another one of the specially dyed. Part of the core white yarn has as big easy with Atari. Usually, putting both inside and outside of common sense here is impossible. Also available as 2 ~ loom woven 3 at break. But the method to make common sense did research with artisans and as a result, arrived. Seems to be and the texture is probably the other cannot be imitated. excellent in all processes it dyed yarn, weaving craftsmen hand is stuck to Atari to 14 oz over at ビィデニム is hardly seen ever, became feasible.
16 ( おいろ ) oz to ビィーデニム!
Part of the servicing peach image color (Pink) ラメセルビッチ, "sultry ear (いろけみみ) aka"!
What ヘビィー denim specification hard here until women's jeans, there will be other

Size 0 (XS) / 1 (S) / 2 (M) and 3 (L) length 33 inch size is fixed.
Pile name is "GEISHA"
The カモメステッチ is not.
The Angus OSH already (sun drying)

To insure grubs long beyond the age of a low-rise, slim straight, aimed at the silhouette without the habit. Have a discharge side of the waist to fit waist for low-rise. With position and size of the Pocket are set to look hip.

[Button and rivet]
Geisha iron "plum" buttons
Large plum pattern is a Geisha jeans trade mark Center, its surrounding's GEISHA GENUINE
The character of the JEANS. Metal button to produce a texture with subtlety as rich.
The original rivets "銭形" front into concealment rivet with copper, "" impermanence"samurai" character.

Geisha flasher,
Geisha dance thickly's keynote, painted pink heart

Geisha patch
Geisha dances gracefully with fan. 麗らか plum flowers bloom on the back. Two origami bird representing the GA0510LXX 2 second model.
※ Lot number is different each year.
Two-tone gold Brown and yellow yarn: yarn Change pitch and thread P6 parts, have sharp. Used thick and sixth fastest in the main part, thought and ヘビィー oz jeans friendly. Back pocket with stitch line. Junior has increasing trapped about arranged Banzai charge with fixed with a leather patch.

Speaking of Geisha jeans, plaid!
Check the original cotton linen, fleshy and Red base, Shari's distinctive cotton linen gone and textures that appeal.







Size Chart

Size (inch)XS (0)(1) SM (2)L (3)
Waist (cm)76798285
Rise (previous)19.52020.521
Wading width (cm)23.324.225.126
Cuff width (cm)17.418.118.819.5
Length (cm)83.583.583.583.5
It is a measure of real size size of jeans after washing.
If error how to wash and season by foreshortening, errors caused by measuring how there beforehand.

Shipping Rates

(It's calculated as 1 jeans = 1,500 grams.)

International Percel Post First Zone(Details
2,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second Zone I(Details
Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America
3,200 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second ZoneII(Details
3,700 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Forth Zone(Details
South America and Africa
5,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)

First Zone(Details) East Asia, Guam, Midway Islands, Marshall, Micronesia, etc. Rate schedule Second Zone(Details) Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia Rate schedule Third Zone(Details) Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, and West Indies, and Europe Rate schedule Forth Zone(Details) South America and Africa

About Total Price

The prices listed include consumption TAX as Japanese law

Total Price = (Retail price excluding TAX) + Shipping fee

ex : When we send out a jeans (¥10,000JPY w/tax) to the USA.
13,200 JPY = 10,000 JPY + 3,200 JPY

Return and Cancellation Policy

There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

Customs duty and other taxes

Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when a shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agent. Policies on these taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your county for more details.