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Girls have a better verb silhouette!
Packed with potent obsessions!

SAMURAI KIDS [concept]
Children's long-awaited サムライジーンズファン Samurai "kids line" finally born!
Seems not to skimp on staff for children to answer it at the end of the trial, of course, "and you want to present the Samurai jeans child voice attracted many people say that the Samurai jeans is reached.
Same liquids is a "kids authentic heavy clothing thought Hardy and can wash times dirty just casually" as manufactured products. Kid motion centimeters in 遊びまわる and fast will be familiar with the body.

Build not inferior view of adult traditional Samurai jeans in sewing and design and specification of course only kids, and cute little cheeky is enabled.
Research designs and sizes are a basic part of the サムライベルボトム jeans and faithful also repeated, and easier to devise silhouette applicable to the child's body. Plus a vintage color fall feeling things impossible in General Bell-Bottoms or even adopt a Samurai sword denim. Samurai new kids and 積め these opinions, was finally released! It is this "サムライキッズベルボトム".

Size is 90、100、110、120、130、140, the 6 size is.
Hotel one wash of processed products.

15 Oz Samurai sword ear servicing"
Dough Sutra and weft together no. 6 to less tension weave this old power looms, with thick thread usually seen with more distinctive color fall are lumpy, gritty and hard, and go out and be told "falling point" and. Samurai jeans Classics series in Oz and coercing the inherited ヘヴィーデニム 15 oz.
Color is more even than the same Indigo set in say the encephalopathy to reproduce vintage denim Genesis technology, specially in the dyeing technology of the time might be a dark and modern Navy, natural feeling.

[Stitching, specification]
So spent on adult specifications, making fake button hole while a hook type pants, 仕上gemashita hook behind the familiar V-stitch sewing, vintage jeans.
Winding stitched coin pocket behind your ear, part of York, Samurai jeans original cotton yellow all yarn used for sewing.

For the kids [specification]
Of course as a kids-only specifications around the waist gap using the steel TALON zipper front vertical and falls prevention size adjustable waist rubber (using red as meaning both "hip rubber, zipper tape carrying thermal decision making)!
Children vintage jeans stuck up here is existence beyond the adult Samurai jeans!
Design character of the same liquids one's existence, "ヲヒ says" version of the familiar Samurai original wrought iron drum button design arranged for the kids is the button.

Musashi, red base and the only girl Komachi Chan anime hand in hand, have a dating plan design.

Flasher, similar to Bell-Bottoms Wu ZAO Mr. Komachi Chang dating landscape design.
リベットバー the familiar drum sign character in Samurai jeans.
Using copper, represents a specific texture vintage.

サムライオリジナルスレーキ "impermanence"!
Luxurious specifications in pale beige yarn キナリベース yarn dyed woven jacquard pattern and design emerges in the shades of the fabrics. It is 100% cotton.

Piss [name]
Special pile name adopted turn A that is used to model!







Size Chart

Size of the90100110120130140
Reference height85-95 Cm95-105 Cm105-115 Cm115-125 Cm125-135 Cm135-145 Cm
Document age2-3 Years old3-4 Years old4-5 Years old6-7 Years old8-9 Years old10-11 Years old
Waist (inner diameter)53 cm55 cm57 cm60 cm63 cm66 cm
Length41 cm47 cm54 cm61 cm69 cm77 cm
Contact width19.5 cm20 cm20.5 cm21.3 cm25.8 cm26.6 cm
Width of hem20 cm20.5 cm21 cm21.8 cm23.8 cm24.3 cm
Knee12.5 cm13 cm13.5 cm14.3 cm16.3 cm16.8 cm
Front rise17 cm18 cm19 cm20 cm21.5 cm22.5 cm
Please note our products, so we set longer bit length,.

It is a measure of real size size of jeans after washing.
If error how to wash and season by foreshortening, errors caused by measuring how there beforehand.

Shipping Rates

(It's calculated as 1 jeans = 1,500 grams.)

International Percel Post First Zone(Details
2,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second Zone I(Details
Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America
3,200 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second ZoneII(Details
3,700 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Forth Zone(Details
South America and Africa
5,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)

First Zone(Details) East Asia, Guam, Midway Islands, Marshall, Micronesia, etc. Rate schedule Second Zone(Details) Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia Rate schedule Third Zone(Details) Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, and West Indies, and Europe Rate schedule Forth Zone(Details) South America and Africa

About Total Price

The prices listed include consumption TAX as Japanese law

Total Price = (Retail price excluding TAX) + Shipping fee

ex : When we send out a jeans (¥10,000JPY w/tax) to the USA.
13,200 JPY = 10,000 JPY + 3,200 JPY

Return and Cancellation Policy

There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

Customs duty and other taxes

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