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Type B-7 WHITE THE FEW MFG.CO.SP11-013 image1 Type B-7 WHITE THE FEW MFG.CO.SP11-013 image2

THE FEW MFG/Type-7 WHITE THE FEW MFG... CO. Contract No. 42 - 7615
B-7 jacket frigid area specification called aka "Alaskan suit"

About • Type b-7
Type b-7 (aka: Alaskan suit) in Berry heavy zone for flight jacket with hood ヘビーゾーン, developed in cold pole, Alaska U.S. Army aviation is, adopted together with 7/12/1941 and flying, elegant, type-6 produced up to 42 years. Using a 5 / 8 inch thick sheep skin shear. The surface crack by drying and freezing predicted, is characterised by surface treatment is not. Type b-7 was also established Parker-style cold flight jacket for N-3B, passed from the b-9 during World War II's basic design. Only a just one year until production stopped from adopting. B-7 was a short-lived reason had durability and price of sheep skin shearing the material in the Iwate is. For based on the use in frigid area was less than 臆 against stains and surface treatment.

System of government material :South African Merino
System of Government color: #S-10 Non Coating (White)
System of Government wool :Light Yellow
Tanning :Aluminium??
System of Government :Horse Leather Hide / Aniline Hand Coat
RSA color :Russet??
System of Government belt: Baker Co. Cow Hide (Light Brown)
フードファー :Coyote??
Product no. :SP8-015,??
System of Government size: 34 / 38 40, 36 and 44 46, 42
System of government delivery: order approximately 2-with 3 months delivery

[Size of deployment:
34 Inch
36 Inch
38 Inches
40 Inch
44 Inches
46 Inches

[Please note: for orders
For Blue-Jean, many people enjoy THE FEW products we have the size of the custom service.
Customer not satisfied with this service by the standard size, I would like to thank you for experienced and flight jacket world deeply customers want products that fit your body just.

[Size custom price list]
-/¥52,500 full-size custom (for all size custom cm, length, baggy, cm, shoulder width, cm, sleeve length and width of sleeve)
-Extra /¥21,000
-Thin /¥21,000
From-, sleeve length / ¥ 15750
-Sleeve width /¥10,500
-Sleeve width & arm hole and ¥21,000
-/¥21,000 sleeve width & sleeve length
※ Specification such as leather, rib, zip lining, fur collars can be changed. (Contact required)

Customers wish to custom order, please add a custom cart you wish.
We discuss email orders after the custom details (size, etc.),.


Notes on the order of THE FEW products:

-Our store does not stock all products are made-to-order.
-As ¥25,000 ¥ confirming orders and deposit when ordering the.
-Ask after your order within 1 week deposit payment.
And if you confirm the booking money within one week, sorry will be cancelled.
And so does not accept reservations gold deposit after specification changes disclaims.
-About the cancellation of orders after the manufacturer does not accept advance pleases.
-And if the event is cancelled, or deposit refunded so we advance pleases.
※ Please confirm the above considerations, we order them.


Shipping Rates

(It's calculated as 1 jeans = 1,500 grams.)

International Percel Post First Zone(Details
2,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second Zone I(Details
Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America
3,200 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Second ZoneII(Details
3,700 yen (Up to 1.5kg)
Forth Zone(Details
South America and Africa
5,400 yen (Up to 1.5kg)

First Zone(Details) East Asia, Guam, Midway Islands, Marshall, Micronesia, etc. Rate schedule Second Zone(Details) Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia Rate schedule Third Zone(Details) Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, and West Indies, and Europe Rate schedule Forth Zone(Details) South America and Africa

About Total Price

The prices listed include consumption TAX as Japanese law

Total Price = (Retail price excluding TAX) + Shipping fee

ex : When we send out a jeans (¥10,000JPY w/tax) to the USA.
13,200 JPY = 10,000 JPY + 3,200 JPY

Return and Cancellation Policy

There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

Customs duty and other taxes

Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when a shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agent. Policies on these taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your county for more details.